The Tragedy of systemd (YouTube)

Benno Rice gave a great talk at 2019 a couple of weeks ago. It’s well worth the watch for any unix geeks out there. Here’s a couple of my key takeaways.

  1. Change is awesome when we’re the ones doing it. It’s scary when others do it.
  2. Resist knee-jerk reactions to change. They aren’t cool.
  3. Linux is the unix new standard. Posix was for a different time.
  4. The world is changing around us; we can either get with it or work against it.

I was firmly in the init works, don’t change it, camp. I used launchd, and should have been able to see all the benefits a system like it could bring to Linux, but I still resisted. If I find myself doing something like that again, I’m going to rewatch this talk.

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